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My motd using my @DarkHeartDesigns shadows in Ultraviolet, Love, Absinthe, Toxic and Fighter along with DHD Black gel eye liner and DHD Bronzer as my contour.
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Velvetines by Lime Crime

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I had to share!

Photo Set

My look for today! I used my BeautyBarBaby Mineral Makeup shadows in T-1000, Eminence, Intoxicating and Cream & Sugar. On my cheeks I’m wearing Doll Face and lips I’m wearing House Of Usher then applied Lip Potion in Stroke Of Midnight! Find these lovelies at
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A MAC Lipstick obsession.

And these aren’t even all of them. Who else feels they buy MAC lippies just to collect them? 

Well, I do use up and repurchase a few of them. Satins and Mattes are my favorite MAC textures, but in the end, there are a several Cremesheens and Amplifieds I love as well. The only one I’m not a fan of is the Frost series, simply because they never look nice on me. 

Below are my absolute favorites! 

[Update] Apologies to those who saw ‘rows’ earlier. I meant columns. that’s what happens when you’re all woozy from flu-meds. Thanks to claireetaylor for pointing that out!

Ruby Woo (column 3, 2nd from top) - red, red, red, matte, matte, matte. When I need to make an entrance but can’t think of what makeup to wear, this is the one I reach for.

Viva Glam I (column 3, top) - The most flattering deep Gwen Stefani ox-blood red

Candy Yum Yum (column 5, 2nd from top) - ELECTRIC blue-pink; wear this if you want people to see your lips from miles away

Up The Amp (column 6, 2nd from bottom) - one of the most universally flattering purple-toned lipsticks

Creme Cup (column 2, bottom) - nude with peachy-pink blush hue so it’s kittenish and sexy, not corpse-like. *REPURCHASE.

Pink Nouveau (column 5, 2nd from bottom) - classic medium pastel Barbie pink. *REPURCHASE.

Fresh Brew (column 1, 3rd from top) - this creamy true beige with an ochre brown kick has no red, peach or pink in it at all. It looks strange but it’s actually very flattering because it mutes the lip but it’s actually deeper than most nudes), and also fantastic for dark skins.

Annoying limited editions: (the stuff that SHOULD be permanent)

Relentlessly Red (column 4, top) - this pink-hued coral red brightens up the face instantly

Prince Noir (column 1, top) - this is the PERFECT matte noir shade; words cannot describe how gloriously beautiful it is. It’s a little like Film Noir in the Pro line, but this is just a touch blacker and sexier. 

Quick Sizzle (column 5, top) - beautiful matte fuchsia that’s deep enough to flatter all skin tones, and with enough saturated brightness to liven up the face. If Girl About Town were matte and amped up in intensity, it would be Quick Sizzle.

Actually they should keep most of the limited edition Retro Mattes in the permanent collection in my opinion. There were some outstanding shades; including Flat Out Fabulous (row 6, 3rd from top), Steady Going (row 5, 3rd from top), and Runway Hit (row 2, 2nd from bottom).


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Lipstick addiction

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Wanna look good naked? Check out the makeup shades that work best for YOU!

How to look good naked with these products.

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