I made this look for BeautyOfficials blog! This is my inspired Scarlet Witch using BeautyBarBaby Mineral Makeup in colors Sanata’s Suit, Fool’s Gold, Tantalizing and Voodoo https://www.etsy.com/shop/BeautyBarBaby


Scarlet Witch inspired makeup look for today. I love superheroes!


Superhero Monday is Hawkgirl! I used BeautyBarBaby Mineral Makeup in her Black and White gel liners and shadows in Chaos, That’s Bananas!, Gold Bar, Meteor, Dollar Bill and Damaged. Hope you like

Check out https://www.etsy.com/shop/BeautyBarBaby for colors!


Here is a new Eotd! This is my very first female super hero that I have done and it was a blast on creating! This is my Black Canary inspired look! First off I apologize for the not so great X’s, they’re really hard to draw on my eye lid, lol!
Ok, a little bit of info about this look. The X designs represent her fish net tights, so she looks good when kicking criminals butt’s. I love her already! The yellow is for her blonde hair and the dark gray/black represents her outfit!

I really hope you guys like this look. I enjoyed creating it.

Colors are Gold Bar, That’s Bananas! and Meteor along with her Black and White gel eye liners all by BeautyBarBaby Mineral Makeup https://www.etsy.com/shop/BeautyBarBaby

  • Question: "If you met me what would you do" I so would ask you to do some of your art make up on me!! You´re so talented and creative, i really admire your work and would love to try it!! ^^ - hellogabysblog
  • Answer:

    Thank you for your awesome comment! And I’m happy that you like my work. It means a lot! :)


Another super hero look coming at ya! Hawkeye inspired eotd. I used Seductress, Ritual, Supergirl, Damaged and Ethereal Dream including Black and White gel liners to line my design all by BeautyBarBaby Mineral Makeup https://www.etsy.com/shop/BeautyBarBaby


Created a new super hero eotd. The Hulk using gel liners in Black and White shadows in Supergirl, Chaos, Dollar Bill, Seductress and Mountain Dewy. All by BeautyBarBaby Mineral Makeup check out her shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BeautyBarBaby


Soooo cute!

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Beautiful! She reminds me of princess Jasmine :)

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